A Wondrous Dream

I had a wondrous dream today,

my mind just seemed to float away.

It floated here, it floated there,

my dreams can take me anywhere.


I soared across the fields and brooks,

seeking treasures in their hidden nooks.

A funny stick, a funky stone,

some tasty berries their cover blown!


Then to the forest, dark and green,

searching for some sight unseen.

My mind lay open, seeking some clue

as to where I should go, or what I should do.


Chirrup Chirree! A small bird’s call

 led me on towards a waterfall

burbling it’s way happily across

a decrepit old log, covered in moss.


I took a moment, at this place,

to fully enjoy the gentle sun on my face.

It warmed my soul… put me at ease…

“MR. BEATTY!  Pay attention PLEASE!”


An insistent voice wrenched me away

and banished my dream of innocent play.

“You’ve paid for this course so I felt I should mention

that I expect your undivided attention!”


“Nothing is free so if you want to earn

society’s respect then you’ve got to learn

to complacently fit into your place

of consuming our products at a maddening pace!”


That’s probably not -exactly- what he said

but it seemed to be the gist of where the conversation led.

So I kept my head down and did my best

to hold to my ideals and still pass the test.


For one of these day I’ll get my chance

to help break others away from the hypnotic trance.

A constantly evolving, perpetual mind-fuck

of always needing to spend another buck.


It’s pretty amazing all the nonsense they spout

while trying to tell us what life’s all about.

Our lives could be perfect, they have every answer,

to help us beat debt, skin blemishes, and cancer.


So if you ever find yourself just doin’ it and lovin’ it

or even being afraid to leave home without it

and you realize it isn’t everywhere you want to be…

then dream with me, because dreaming is always free.