Albino Panda

The albino panda bear and I

hold many similarities

but don’t ask me as to where or why,

you see, the world is full of possibilities.


Our ancestors crossed the Bering Strait

many moons ago

they must have followed the hand of fate

for they really had no way to know


what, exactly, they ran towards

just what they ran from:

a mindless existence among the hoards

all nibbling bamboo and acting dumb.


They’d been properly taught since they were young

of what to think or say or do.

Their heads had been filled with songs that sung

of all the right things, tried and true.


And so the hoards had learned to shun

anybody different

who weren’t allowed to join the fun

but were expected to just ‘take a hint’.


The albino panda came to realize

there was more to life than this

so he began to theorize

of new ways to find his bliss.


His first step was in changing

the rigid way of thought

he had learned from his upbringing

that always told him you cannot!”


He then shook off his fear of the unknown

to find his curiosity

had just been waiting all alone

for the chance to alter his reality.


So he set off on a journey

to see what he could see

and knew that everywhere he looked

new wonders were bound to be.


The albino panda soon discovered

a land of ice and snow

where others like him and found and gathered

each other by just going with the flow.


How wonderful it felt to find

he now had some companions

to help him leave the past behind

and raise his expectations.


Their numbers grew and they adapted

as the years went by

until it seemed that they’d been crafted

for the land in which they lie.


Yet the arctic has no tender shoots

for panda bears to nibble

so instead of eating dirty roots

they turned to seal kibble.


They found albino fur was perfect

for blending with the snow:

their prey never would expect

to be taken down with a mighty blow!


The Inuit came  to know them as

‘The ever wandering ones’

but under other names his legend has

been passed from fathers to sons.


A great respect becomes revealed

with every story told

about the bear the would not yield

to snow or ice or cold.


He shows us through his wandering

that every challenge brings

the certainty of nothing

but new and wondrous things.


We now know him as the ‘Polar Bear’

and aren’t we all the same?

On a lifelong quest for somewhere

for us to make our name.