Long Unending Night

Strange things croon

‘neath the midnight moon

but the strangest I ever beheld

gave me quite a fright

on the long unending night

after a great Gary Oak had been felled.


It had been in a park

through which I walked alone after dark,

yet was bustling during the day.

The people you’d meet

’round every bend, every street

would greet you, happy and gay.


The tree was never heard

yet captured every word

and absorbed all the energy it felt.

It grew and it thrived,

it lived and it died,

and eventually began to melt.


Yet it’s spirit never died

it lived on and it cried

it yearned for the days of old.

Where people would sing

about positive things

and hearing fun stories be told.


So on a clear starry night

when the energy’s right

and the moon is bright and full

you can capture the cry,

almost like a sigh,

of the tree that wished it could pull


itself back to the light

from the long unending night

and share in the love of the world.