Remember When


Remember when

we weren’t even ten

yet the world seemed so colourful and bright.


Our minds could whisk us awaye

in the blink of an eye

so naturally it felt comfortable and right.


Through dense jungles we’d trek

’til our clothes were a wreck,

and never an end in sight.


Always anticipating great pleasure

at discovering some treasure

after each death defying fight.


We battled woozles and huffalumps,

contracted a rare case of the incurable mumps

yet still, we pushed on through the night.


How boldly we’d prowl

though we’d inevitably hear a growl

to send us scampering away in fright!


We’d be chased around thick trees, over rotting logs,

across vast fields, through murky bogs

with thick canopies to block all the light.


With every step the tension rose,

we’d be covered in mud from our heads to our toes

yet still, our invisible stalker kept us on the run.


Just when we feared that our end was nearing

we came upon a quiet clearing

where a small shrine lay nestled in the sun.


Hidden ‘neath a fine layer of dust

we discovered wise words the colour of rust:

“Thy thoughts take form, thy will be done.”


The words were deep but there was no time to ponder

for a tiger took form from the trees over yonder,

it’s paws slowly advancing one by one.


A strong urge for flight took us higher and higher

as the tiger attacked where, not a moment prior,

we’d been sure that we had finally been outrun.


Over the horizon we soared

’til we met a great beast that roared

“HEY! You damn kids!  Quit having fun!!”


His teeth he would gnash

and then home we would dash

in a race with the setting sun.


And set the sun did

no matter where we ran or how we hid

and thus ended a chapter of our lives.


For as we got older and more set in our ways

we just got used to existing in a mindless daze

and forgot the power on which our mind truly thrives.


So please, take the time to remember when

and make better use of your imagination

to help bring some colour to our sordid lives